Susan Dey

Luogo di nascita:
Pekin, IL, USA:

Rain (2003)
L.A. Law: The Movie (2002)
D.A. Grace Van Owen
Disappearance (2002)
Patty Henley
Bridge of Time (1997)
Madeleine Armstrong
Blue River (1995)
Mrs. Sellers
Beyond Betrayal (1994)
Whose Child Is This? The War for Baby Jessica (1993)
Roberta "Robby" DeBoer
Sad Inheritance (1993)
Christina Kinsey
Bed of Lies (1992)
That's Adequate (1989)
Angel in Green (1987)
Sister Ann McKeon
The Trouble with Dick (1987)
Echo Park (1986)
Love Leads the Way: A True Story (1984)
Sunset Limousine (1983)
Julie Preston
Malibu (1983)
Linda Harvey
The Gift of Life (1982)
Joleen Sutton
Looker (1981)
Cindy Fairmont
The Comeback Kid (1980)
Megan Barrett
Mary Jane Harper Cried Last Night (1977)
Rowena Harper
First Love (1977)
Caroline Hedges
Cage Without a Key (1975)
Valerie Smith
Terror on the Beach (1973)
DeeDee Glynn
Skyjacked (1972)
Elly Brewster