Bob Gunton

Luogo di nascita:
Santa Monica, California, USA:

Unbroken: Path to Redemption (2018)
Alex & the List (2018)
Mr. Stern
Mountain Top (2017)
Maxwell Forrest
The 33 (2015)
President Sebastián Piñera
Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant (2015)
Flight School Instructor
Decoding Annie Parker (2014)
Dr. Benton
Live at the Foxes Den (2013)
Tony O'Hara
Highland Park (2013)
Jimmy (2013)
Sheriff Brinson
Argo (2012)
Cyrus Vance
Trouble with the Curve (2012)
Get the Gringo (2012)
Mr. Kaufmann
The Least of These (2011)
Father Thomas Peters
The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)
Cecil Dobbs
Kill the Irishman (2011)
Jerry Merke
The Trial (2010)
Joe Whetstone
Tenure (2009)
William Thurber
24: Redemption (2008)
Ethan Kanin
The Lazarus Project (2008)
Father Ezra
Player 5150 (2008)
Numb (2007)
Dr. Townshend
Fracture (2007)
Judge Gardner
Dead Silence (2007)
Edward Ashen
Believe in Me (2006)
Hugh Moreland
I ♥ Huckabees (2004)
Mr. Silver
Iron Jawed Angels (2004)
President Woodrow Wilson
Dallas 362 (2003)
Broadway's Lost Treasures (2003)
Juan Perón (segment "Evita")
The Pact (2002)
James Harte
Boat Trip (2002)
Boat Captain
61* (2001)
Dan Topping
When Billie Beat Bobby (2001)
Jerry Perenchio
Scenes of the Crime (2001)
Steven, Jimmy's Partner
Running Mates (2000)
Sen. Terrence Randall
The Perfect Storm (2000)
Alexander McAnally III
Bats (1999)
Dr. Alexander McCabe
Patch Adams (1998)
Dean Walcott
Buffalo Soldiers (1997)
Col. Benjamin Grierson
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997)
Finley Largent
A Thousand Acres (1997)
Judge (uncredited)
Elvis Meets Nixon (1997)
Richard M. Nixon
Changing Habits (1997)
Bishop Creighton
The Glimmer Man (1996)
Frank Deverell
Broken Arrow (1996)
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1995)
Burton Quinn
Dolores Claiborne (1995)
Mr. Pease
Kingfish: A Story of Huey P. Long (1995)
Franklin D. Roosevelt
In Pursuit of Honor (1995)
Col. John Hardesty
The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
Warden Samuel Norton
Roswell (1994)
Frank Joyce
Cosmic Slop (1994)
Demolition Man (1993)
Chief George Earle
Jennifer Eight (1992)
Ladykiller (1992)
Patriot Games (1992)
Missing Pieces (1992)
Mr Gabor
JFK (1991)
TV Newsman #3
Mission of the Shark: The Saga of the U.S.S. Indianapolis (1991)
The Bride in Black (1990)
Judgment (1990)
Monsignor Beauvais
Born on the Fourth of July (1989)
Glory (1989)
Gen. Charles Garrison Harker
Cookie (1989)
Richie Segretto
Unconquered (1989)
Gov. George Wallace
The Pick-up Artist (1987)
Fernando Portacarrero
Matewan (1987)
C.E. Lively
Static (1985)
Finnegan Begin Again (1985)
Christian Jameson
Soldiers in Hiding (1984)
Lois Gibbs And The Love Canal (1982)
Harry Gibbs
Rollover (1981)
Sal Naftari
The Gettysburg Address
William Herndon (voice)
Pandemic - Tödliche Erreger
Dr. Max Sorkosky